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May 2024

 “This place is a Godsend just when my husband needed it.
I cannot say enough good things about the loving atmosphere
that prevails there from the staff to the beautiful grounds.”

Jennifer McManamom

 “My mother moved to Taylor Manor 18 months ago.  I visit almost every day and what impresses me about Taylor Manor is their holistic approach
to care including an individual's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  A listening ear has always been available to me if I voiced any concerns and resolution has always been quick to follow.  I appreciate the love and care that everyone shows my mother and the other residents of Taylor Manor.”

Karen Lodes

 “What Taylor Manor means to me:
            As a family member, Taylor Manor means comfort and care.  I strive to insure my wife, Linda is most of all, comfortable.  No pain, hardships, anxiety, any physical discomfort. She will remain comfortable by the care of her needs by the Taylor Manor staff.  Comfort and care, for Linda and all the other residents at Taylor Manor.”


John Weis

 “After moving my mother to Lexington to an Independent Living
Facility late in 2010, she was moved four more times all due to
declining health issues and increased dementia. With each move, she became more distraught, depressed and unhappy until she almost
totally quit talking to me at all. In December, 2015, a friend told
me about Taylor Manor and how happy her loved one had been there.  After visiting Taylor Manor, I moved my mother there in January, 2016.  
I truly believe it saved her life!  She is happy, interacts with me again
and is so well cared for.   After her move to Taylor Manor, I asked her
one day if she would like to take a ride with me as before she was
always begging me to take her home.  She responded with a quick,
"NO!"  Surprised, I asked her why not?  My mother replied, "Because
I'm afraid you won't bring me back here!"  I love Taylor Manor!”


Tracy Hart